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Does The 2020 Toyota Highlander Have A CD Player?

The 2020 Toyota Highlander is a step in the right direction for the worlds largest company. The interior has had a major upgrade, with a larger display up to 12.3 inches making it the largest in the segment. However, following modern trends as we all know Android Auto and Apple CarPlay reign supreme.

There is no CD Player offered on the 2020 Toyota Highlander in part because the feature is going the way cassettes did. The vast majority of drivers simply don’t use them anymore as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have taken over the market. While you could download the music onto your phone or a USB drive and play it, streaming services have also taken over.

Adding A CD Player

If a CD Player is a must you could go and purchase an aftermarket solution that could be a substitute for an actual CD Player. However, a better recommendation is to extract the music from your CD Player and upload it to your mobile device to be played through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

This is going to be a growing trend as many older cars now enter their redesign phase the new Hyundai Palisade for instance, doesn’t come with a CD Player either. So it’s better to get ahead of the curve instead of being stuck behind it when the rest of the industry also drops it.

But do let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the lack of CD player in the 2020 Toyota Highlander.

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  1. Many of us listen to books on CD’s. Check them out free from the local library or rent from roadside CrackerBarrel restaurant, etc., and learn or simply listen on a long trip. Books can be Informative and/or entertaining and make the trip go quicker. What is the solution for us.

    • I have seen quite a few people using some adaptors found on Amazon that connects to the USB port. It’s not an elegant solution but atm CD players are becoming quite scarce!

      • I didn’t notice the lack of a CD player in my new 2021 Highlander until I was “reloading” all my stuff into the center console between the front seats. My first thought was “Where do I pot my cellphone holder now?” I’m 68 yrs old and have a large collection of CDs and vinyl but also have a large digital music library on my Iphone. So i stream music from my phone or digital music stations rather than play dorm CDs. It’s much more convenient, dont have to bother with loading and unloading discs. But now I need a new cellphone holder! LOL

      • Which of the many would you recommend ??

  2. Apple Car Play may reign supreme with 20 years olds but not those in the Highlander age demographic. Anyone over the age of 40 has a CD collection. Also, a month ago on Microsoft News Poll on MSN a question was asked of ” how do you listen to music? 44% CD, 28% digital, 8% vinyl/tape, 20% other. CD’s are still in vogue depending on age group.

  3. yes my wife bought a new 2020 highlander , then found out there was no cd player. she is in her 50s and has a vast cd collection. i dont know many 20 year olds that can afford a $45,000 dollar car!

  4. I have had toyotas for many years and I just bought a new 2021 tacoma and discovered after I had purchased it that it had no CD player. Very frustrating. If I would have known it had no CD player I would not have purchased the Tacoma. Why should us old guys that helped put toyota on the map get taken advantage of?? I am not high tech and I have many CDs.

  5. I am in the age group that has many C D’S. Feel that option should still be available. Will not trade my 2018 as it does have a CD player. Sirius radio is going the way of cable TV more commercials and talk going on versus music. With CD’s or and IPod or your phone can personalize your music preferences think it stinks no CD player option

  6. Please put the CD player back or make it an option.

  7. Ridiculous that the the prices go higher, while the options are cut….the people driving these are not 20 year olds who wish to pay $5.99 a month music for the rest of their lives! I have always driven Toyota Highlanders, but seriously thinking of switching now…wouldn’t cost them much to include a CD player. Bring back the CD player!!

  8. The CD player should definitely be an option. I attend several conferences and purchase some of the conference speakers’ talks on CD. I listen to them while driving…especially on trips and while sitting in rush hour traffic. I have a 2018 Highlander that has a CD player. I am near the end of my lease. If I cannot lease a new Highlander with a CD player, I will have to keep the 2018. Car makers should install features that meet the needs of people of every age group, not just young adults.

  9. I agree! We older folks still listen to CDs since we can pick the music we want. Now I find I cannot even add a decent portable player for a 2021 Highlander. Anybody out there who can suggest a good unit?

  10. We listen to books on tape. We were totally surprised and disappointed when we found out there’s not one. Books are great on long trips which we take often. Next time we buy a car, we’ll make sure there’s a CD player.


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